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How Your Own Startup Can Get Your Career Back on Track

At some point in life, it’s not unusual to experience a setback in your career.  Either you outgrow a position, the company experiences a hiccup, or you simply haven’t found the right fit.  On the upside, in the ever-changing world of IT, a hiccup is just a chance to start fresh.  If it’s time for you to make a transition, here’s why a startup of your very own could be your key to success.

Choose a Direction

What is your personal inclination?  The tech world has an amazing array of professional avenues.  Choosing an area you have an affinity for and feel passionate about can make a big difference in enjoying immediate success and staying motivated long-term.  For your information, you can see an average entrepreneur salary by location here.

For instance, think about whether you prefer working on hardware or software, and then narrow your choices still further.  If you’re a hardware-oriented person, will you start out with repairing smartphones, or glean parts from devices for refurbishing?  If software is your bag, do you prefer development?  Back-end or front-end?  Maybe you have an idea for the next big social media site, or you want to consult companies as a project manager.  Perhaps you’d like to cater to a specific demographic and sell niche products (hair products, Halloween costumes, umbrellas, watches, etc.) using the low-cost dropship method?  If you’re still feeling out your options, you can take a career quiz to help narrow things down.

Carve Out Cloud Space

Regardless of what direction you choose for your startup, customers will expect to find a website where they can learn about you.  Websites usually make the first impression on potential clients, and they will judge your competency based on what they see. They’re also a springboard for marketing and sales, so think through what information you intend to offer.  In this competitive day and age, social media buttons are a must-have, and including customer testimonials can help build confidence in your product.  Choose an appropriate website builder, aim for user-friendliness, and evaluate web hosting features carefully.  With so many hosting services, it can be hard to choose so do your homework.  A site like InMotion, for example, can offer sufficient bandwidth, plenty of storage, a high uptime guarantee, and affordable plans that suit your business’ needs.  Whichever service you select, just make sure you read the fine print because many hosting companies have usage and storage limits.

Boost Your Credentials

Could you use new credentials to amp up your earning potential?  Robert Half points out certifications are a chance to improve your skills and knowledge, they provide confidence to customers, and it’s an opportunity to specialize in a unique niche, such as security, cloud computing, or project management.

Furthering your training can be expensive, but there are affordable options out there.  Keep your eyes peeled for special deals like promotions, packages, or vouchers, and don’t rule out taking beta exams, which you can sometimes snag for free.  If your new enterprise fails, it’ll make you that much more appealing to hiring managers and recruiters, so expanding your repertoire or honing skills is a worthwhile investment no matter how you look at it.

Find Some Funding

If finances are keeping you from achieving your goals, there are several interesting funding options, although Inc. warns you should examine them carefully.  Depending on your situation, applying retirement funds might be a worthy choice, although it could put your nest egg at risk.  Getting a small business loan can be challenging when you’re starting a new business, but there are options available for a variety of circumstances.  Another idea is to use credit cards, but if your startup struggles, you could end up with shaky credit.  Think through things from every angle, and if in doubt, a financial advisor could help you get started on the right foot.

Enjoy the Benefits

Becoming an entrepreneur has its share of pros and cons.  You must take some risks, and you need to work hard to get your new business off the ground.  However, there are important benefits as well.  You decide your own direction, flex your schedule as needed, and any profits belong to you, rather than a bigger entity.  It can be a rewarding choice for those with aptitude and a willingness to sacrifice to meet their goals.

If your tech career needs a shot in the arm, consider your own startup.  Decide on your direction, develop the tools, skills, and funds you need, and be ready to apply yourself.  With proper planning and passion, a venture of your own could be the best thing you ever did.

Guest Author:

Larry Mager, owner of website http://readybrain.net.

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