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blog-or-no-blogWhat is a blog?

So, you ask, “What is a Blog?” Should you have a blog or no blog?

A blog is a type of website that allows an author, generally the owner of the website, and others (who are given permission by the owner) to write and post “articles.”  A blog can allow comments and replies to be posted by the public (an option), usually subject to moderation and approval by the owner.

There are different types of blogs…. for example, personal diaries, political viewpoints, latest in the news (updates on the website’s particular topic, including a product or service, etc.).

Blogs are a vehicle for writers to put new information out there on the internet.  Yes, blogs were originally created for those who like to, are willing to, have writing abilities, and have the time to write.

Should your website design have a blog format? Again, blog or no blog?

If you want the ability to update your website with your own content on a frequent basis, and that is important to you, then yes, use a blog format.

One downside for the average person to setting up a blog format is the limitation on what the website can look like and contain on its pages.  Although many themes are available for blogging, they are essentially templates with some modification ability, and are generally difficult for the average person to customize.

Here at Web Design Just For You, we can customize a website built on the blog platform for you.  You can have a beautiful customized blog which is a definite plus for adding informative content to your site.

Be aware that it takes time and effort to write and update a blog.  If you are not ready, willing, and able to put the time in to update your blog, then a blog may not be the format for you to use.*

(*Web Design Just For You provides writing services for a fee of $60 for a 250 word article.)

Search engines love content; therefore, a benefit of having a blog is that the more content you update on your blog, the more it helps your search result rankings where you show up for certain search terms.

So in answer to the question: Blog or No Blog?  The answer is, if you can find the time to create the content, yes…. blog!

more-on-color-2Another Option:  A Combination Website Design

Web Design Just For You can create a custom website specifically tailored for you with a link to a blogging area.*  Then, you have the best of both worlds….. a customized website and an area for you to blog and post updates.  

*  Additional fees exist for designing an add-on blog area to a website.

Contact us at Web Design Just For You for a personalized quote based on what you want for your website design.

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