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call-to-actionCan your website get its visitors to take action?

What’s the use of having a website if it doesn’t 1) increase awareness of your business, and/or 2) get a visitor to signup, comment, call, or buy depending on your specific goals? Here are some pointers to remember so that if and when you ever need a website designed, you have some knowledge on what will make your special web function the way you want it to.

1. So you’ve managed to get a lot of website visitors and views of your website, what good is it if no one is inspired to, for example, pick up the phone and call? Your call to action has to do with the number of website visitors that do something you want them to on your website. It’s your conversion rate. Did they call? Buy a product? Join a newsletter? Write a comment for your blog? Etc., etc.

2. To improve your conversion rate, make sure your contact information is easily identifiable on your landing (home) page. It’s very annoying to have to hunt for contact information. It’s a great reason to give up and move on, and there goes a sale!

3. Another thing that increases and encourages your website viewers to click on “Contact Us” or to pick up the phone to call you is a great “About Us” page! People like to see who’s behind the business, who they will be dealing with, and the credentials they have. So put some thought into writing your bio.

call-to-action-24. People like to read the opinions of other clients, so get a testimonial if you can! Nothing is hurt by asking, you have given great service and many people are more than happy to give you one. And if they don’t, remember, some people are so busy they just don’t have time…..it’s not a personal insult. If you’re a business that focuses on giving really good service (like me) and products, they will come. It’s sort of like the movie Field of Dreams……”Build it and they will come.”

5. It seems there’s always a balance you need to find with everything in life. When it comes to websites, many people like the “clean and simple” mode, and that’s the trick for me – have a clean enough look without sacrificing that all-encompassing God of search engines…..CONTENT!

6. Some just don’t want to read anything on a website, but you know, it doesn’t matter. You need the words there anyway, especially if you are not paying $$$ every month for search engine optimization. Do your viewers receive info from you? This is the question search engines think about and rank you accordingly on!

Remember, keeping these pointers in mind will hopefully improve your conversion rate and get your visitors to answer your call to action.

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