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grow-customer-baseSpread the word and plant the seeds

Now that you have a website representing you in the wide world of the internet, remember that it’s there to help MARKET and GROW your business!  Use it!

Don’t forget to publish the name of your website everywhere.  Be sure to include it on your business card, stationary, and any advertising you do.  Maximize, maximize, and maximize the benefits of a website by using it!

Your website design, if done well, should be representative of you and your business, so spread it around. Utilize it to gain a customer following, grow customer base.  How?

Here are some tips to utilizing your website (which if your website design is developed by Web Design Just For You, your website will provide these optional functions):

a.  Utilizing Social Media and providing interface In Your Website Design

b.  Passing Information On Via Your Blog and Posting Capabilities of Your Website Design

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