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marketing-for-clientsAs part of the ongoing services given to our clients, we provide marketing for clients.

Contemplating a marketing campaign?  Would you like some possible suggestions, alternatives, or discussion with another entrepreneurial person experienced in marketing?

Just email info@webdesignjustforyou.com with your contact information, and Gene, our marketing person, will give you a call.  Additional fees may apply for business marketing and branding strategy plans if extensive.

marketing-for-clients-2Entrepreneurial Experience


Gene Forte, co-owner and marketing expert for Web Design Just For You, has a wide and varied background which includes having been a high level executive recruiter for 18 years. He found executive positions for CEOs, presidents, and upper level executives in positions at major advertising and marketing corporations. His extensive business knowledge enabled him to identify and evaluate marketing talent for specific high level positions.

Coming from a farming family, Gene’s career also includes many entrepreneurial ventures prior to his executive recruitment career. Some ventures include being a licensed NYSE stock broker who created a Financial Focus program on TV, promoting rock concerts in his younger days, putting together projects such as salvaging a World War II B24 bomber from the bottom of Huntington Lake, and creating documentaries to promote the growth of Cities and their surrounding areas.

He has put together limited partnerships, been involved in raising venture capitol, and created marketing plans to increase business image and sales.

Gene is an added value to the clients of Web Design Just For You. We want all our clients to be very successful in their business and do everything we can to help them.

Web Design Just For You provides website design services in nationwide cities, Pleasanton, Modesto, and Patterson, CA.

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With offices in Oakland and Modesto, CA, we serve all San Francisco areas as well as nationwide cities.

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"The excellent customer service our clients receive is what sets us apart from our competitors....I guarantee you will not be disappointed with our products and services."

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