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Can Smartphones See Your Internet Website?

Mobile website design is now more important than ever.  The advances in smartphones have created a trend for people to rely more and more on their cell phones, androids, and ipads, etc.  Statistics say that 60% of people utilize their phones for browsing websites over a desktop or laptop.  Are you ready for them to view your website on their small, intelligent, nifty gadgets?

If you are a retail store, can your customer, who is looking for your store while driving in their car, find you, your location, and your phone number easily?

mobile-website-design-2Be at the forefront, think Mobile Responsive Website Design!

Chances are, if you aren’t as ready as you should be….. join the club.  Many people have an older website without the capability for adjusting to the mobile device screen.  If this is you, it’s time.  Google now will rank your website lower if you do not have a mobile friendly website available.

Many people think that smartphones are great because then their internet websites can be viewed on people’s phones.

But really, ever try to surf the internet on a smartphone, android, or ipad?  Take it from us, the average device does NOT view your web as well as you’d think.

Images don’t load, text is too small to read, horizontal scrolling is annoying etc, etc, etc.

What does this mean?  Well, to us, it means frustration and a, “Forget it… close the website down!” from a potential customer.

mobile-website-designBe a step ahead of your competitors, get a Mobile Responsive Website now!

The really funny thing is, while you may not think about having a mobile version of your web, chances are, you will go search on your phone ALL THE TIME, don’t you?

Be a step ahead of your competitors, get a responsive website so it is mobile friendly now! Web Design Just For You makes it easy and affordable for you. Call us at (209) 622-0654 and we will give you quality service.

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