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In this day and age, computer usage is increasing by leaps and bounds.  The internet is an important part of most people nowadays.  Most every business considers website design at some point or other, and they believe that being on the internet is crucial for their business to thrive.  And when you think about the internet world and being out there, we want you to remember Web Design Just For You. Personal service is our motto.

Granted, there are still people that do not have nor use a computer, but they are primarily those from the older generation that find it difficult to get accustomed to new technology.  On the other hand, it is basically unheard of that anyone of the younger generation does not know how to use a computer.  It seems all kids are whizzes at browsing and finding things on the internet.

And the future is for the young.  What does this tell us?  It tells us that as the future approaches, computers will become a much more dominant influence in all our lives, even more than it already is.

On the whole, people rely on computers.  Face it, computers provide entertainment, information, and shopping fun!

The internet is the network linking the entire world….. what Web Design Just For You calls the “Networld.”

networld2Entering The Internet World

So you ask yourself, why do I need a website?  If you are a business, the first obvious reason is that all your competitors most likely do!  That means that they might have an edge over you right off the bat.  (Of course, if their website is unattractive, full of grammatical errors, uninformative, etc., it will drive clients away…..but more on that later.)

Your competitors have that additional exposure, additional credibility, and additional opportunity to have their potential clients get to know them and their products to lure them into their store before yours!

If you are an organization with membership rather than a business selling products, maybe you need a website to facilitate spreading your information.  A website keeps everyone on the same page.  It keeps them updated on events and news about their fellow members, etc.

Web Design Just For You will implement your specific goals into a unique website design.

Creating a Website, an Internet Presence, for your Small Business

Being on the internet allows anyone with a computer to be able to look you up and read about your products or services.  When you give out business cards with your website on it, you have another way to put more information about yourself into their thought process… the more they think about you, the better chances they’ll become a customer.

The same reasoning applies to any print ads, brochures, and flyers which you may use to advertise your business.  Put your website on the ads and again you are increasing the information offered to your potential customer.  Your potential customer is given the opportunity to be able to get to know you even more.

Now, a new technology is becoming more and more prevalent.  It is called QR codes.  In essence, it is a type of “barcode” that you can print onto your business cards, flyers, etc., that people can scan with their smartphones.  When they scan these codes, the mobile page that the QR code is internally linked to pops up on their phone!!  This is a great marketing tool that Web Design Just For You can implement into your website design, read more about QR Codes here.

Web Design Just For You is a full service web design company that will also create print ads, brochures, and other collateral material for you.

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