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Flash or No Flash

What is Flash?

Flash is a term originating from the Adobe Corporation’s Flash Software referring to the creation of animated effects for web pages.   It is a multimedia platform that can add videos and interactivity to your website.

Flash at one time, was a very appealing element of websites.  In recent years, however, the increased use of mobile phones, ipads, and other devices, particularly Apple products, has reduced the use of flash in website design.

In addition, flash web pages are not searchable by search engines, and do not help in your search result rankings.  Since they are not searchable, they have no content in the eyes of the search engines…..and good content is king to search engines.  Only devices with a flash app could see the flash elements.

flash-or-no-flash2-800x600Web Design Just For You’s Thought Process and Conclusions

Web Design Just For You has concluded the following:

  • It is human nature, in general, to be drawn to the more visually appealing than not.
  • It is human nature, in general, to have limited patience.
  • It is human nature, in general, to want to get what they want in the quickest way possible.

Taking into consideration the failure of flash to play on iphones and ipads without a flash app, we generally forego the use of flash, instead implementing slideshows that utilize other software languages that are playable on most devices including smartphones.

We believe that since “flash” websites, those websites consisting of entirely flash pages, do not lend themselves to being searchable by the search engines (SEO) and are not SEO friendly, websites with predominantly flash usage are not usually beneficial.  They are fancy looking and visually stimulating, appealing, etc., but what good is that if they load slowly and/or do not show up on search results!?

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