QR Codes

qr-codesA QR Scanner App on a smartphone reads QR Codes

Web Design Just For You is the website design company that can create QR Codes and design Mobile Pages for you.  So, what is a QR Code?  It’s a symbol that looks like this.

Hidden in the QR code is a mobile page address (URL).  When a smartphone scans the code, it pulls up the mobile page for you to read.  You can put anything you like on the mobile page…discount sales, information on an upcoming event, or whatever marketing tool you want.

Try it.  First you have to either load an app to your smartphone, or your smartphone already has a QR scanner built in.  If you do not know, just google “qr code reader” and the name of your phone.

For example, to scan on a Blackberry, you need the Blackberry Messenger App.  Once it’s installed, click on the Messenger App.  Then you will get a menu, and you need to click on “Scan BBM Group Barcode.”  Then, click “Start Scanning.”

qr-codes-2Hold your phone up to the QR code, and when your smartphone is done scanning the QR code, it will automatically ask you if you want to open the mobile page it is linked to!  If you are able to scan the above QR code with your phone, you will see my letter to potential clients and a 15% coupon off any website design package.

We think QR codes are very cool, so we printed off new business cards with a QR code on it.  (They can be put on anything….flyers, brochures, mugs, and even T-shirts.)  Then when we give people our cards, they can read more information about our services right there with their smartphone.

Web Design Just For You integrates mobile pages and QR Codes into the website design for your particular business to supplement any marketing plan.  Just call (209) 894-5041.


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