Web Design Choices

As time speeds by, is your website keeping up?

As time speeds by, is your website keeping up?

Marketing Through Web Design

In order for your Website Design to be effective in representing your business, the web designer must understand what you are, what you do, and what your goals are.

A website for a fundraising organization will be totally different from a website for an online shopping website or a website for an artist.

Their goals are different, their images are different, and a website design should be tailored to their individuality.

The web designer, in order to be effective, should be aware of your marketing strategies. For example, they should have the answer to the question, “What sets their client apart from their competition?” In emphasizing their uniqueness (sometimes in subtle and tasteful ways) throughout the website, the message is conveyed to potential clients attracting not only customers, but the type of customers that you want. You get a “business fit.”

The following website design decisions are discussed:


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