Pass The Info On

pass-the-info-on-2Be a fountain of inspiration!

Another way you can keep your customers interested in your business and what you have to say, is to pass the information on!  Post interesting blogs and articles on your website!

Are you a baby clothing store?  Post articles having to do with babies, safety, new products, toys, etc.

Are you a tire shop?  Post articles on comparisons between tires, tires for different cars, types of tires, tire performance, etc.

Are you a health club?  Post articles on nutrition, exercise, muscle development, special exercises for special results, exercise machines,etc.




pass-the-info-onAre you a church organization?  Post articles on your special events, services, bible stories, children’s classes, community services, etc.

Are you a musician?  Post articles on different types of music, the history of music, instruments, biographies of musicians, etc.

Are you a restaurant?  Post articles on different foods, running a restaurant, ordering food, employees, which foods should be eaten with which wines, specialty foods, recipes, etc.

You get the idea?  Keep the information flowing to your customers.  Not only does it bring repeat business to you, it increases your ranking on the search engines!

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