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We have attempted to provide information on web design, development, internet presence, marketing and general information to help you understand the industry as far as it relates to your business by providing important information on website as listed by the Table of Content below.

In the past decade since we formed our business, much has changed.  Technology advanced at a relatively fast rate when it comes to the internet.  The landscape in this industry has changed, and we at Web Design Just For You always keeps up to date as much as possible.

Languages, standards, protocols might all change, however, the basic fundamentals of website presence and purpose stays the same.  After all, the main goal for all businesses and organizations is to thrive, be active and provide information to its target market.

In the current times, a website has become a basic and important feature of any organization.  It functions as a brochure that is accessible to everyone, unlike a physical brochure that must be handed out and received by people.

For the most part, if a business does not have a website, it is not considered by the general public as “serious.”  The public now assumes that solid and reputable businesses have websites.

Our philosophy at Web Design Just For You is to be open book about what we do and how we do it.  Some of our competitors think that if they reveal what and how they are doing things, it will cause them to lose customers because customers will go and do it themselves.  See our table of content below for additional information we provide.

We believe that if a customer can go do it themselves, and they have the time and effort available to do it, they should.  We only want clients that need our services and for whom we can fulfill those needs.  Mutual satisfaction is essential for good, long-term relationships, and this is what we always strive for.

We do not subscribe to the “get as much $$” upfront business ideology that some web design companies do.  Our business model is centered on providing excellent support and services to develop long-term clients at an affordable price.

Many of our current clients came to us because their previous web developers do not provide affordable support in a timely and cost-effective manner.  The value of a website immediately begins to deteriorate when it starts to become outdated.  That’s were the true value of utilizing Web Design Just For You comes in.

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Welcome To Our Website

Portfolio – Websites We’ve Done


Testimonials by Web Design Just For You Clients

Our Clientele

Letter From Web Designer To Potential Customers

Why Should You Have A Website?

Computers In This Day And Age – Enter The Networld

A Good Website Design Gives Substance and Credibility

Growing Your Business

Website Design Packages, Services, And Prices

Make a Payment – Online Credit Card and PayPal Payments

About Us – Meet The Team

Our Mission – Website Design To Create A Unique Web Presence

Privacy Policy

Sample Confidentiality Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Contact Us At Web Design Just For You, A Website Design Company

Our Blog

Check out our blog to find articles on different topics for businesses, entrepreneurs, marketing and their internet presence.

Articles Of Interest

More Information – Resources

Marketing For Clients

Updating Your Web

Web Design Choices

Effect of Colors (Psychology of Color for Marketing & Advertising)

Indepth Discussion On Color in Design of Website

Blog or No Blog

Making Decisions

“Working Your Web” – Maximizing Your Website to Gain A Customer Base

Utilizing Social Media

Pass the Info On – Informing Your Customers With Industry Related Information

Mobile Website Design

QR Codes

Search Rankings (Search Engine Optimization or SEO)

Call to Action and Your Conversion Rate

Don’t Get Hacked

Tech Corner


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Providing excellent web services in Modesto, Ca and all surrounding areas as well as nationwide.

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Our Commitment

We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are friendly and knowledgeable and look forward to assisting you.


"The excellent customer service our clients receive is what sets us apart from our competitors.  You will not be able to find better products and services at our prices."


Eileen Forte, Owner and Web Designer
Web Design Just For You

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