Mobile Websites Are Important


Today, over 3 billion people worldwide use the internet for various purposes, and of those, roughly 80% access it using smartphones. As a business, if you’re not reaching your target audience through mobile search or are not providing visitors with a good experience, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. It can also result in you losing potential customers to your competitors. Here are a few useful tips for effective mobile website designs:


  1. Utilize a Responsive Design


Websites were solely designed for computer screens before the widespread use of mobile devices and tablets. They incorporated a static design and a fixed size. However, it all changed when searches were made via mobile devices and tablets, as these fixed websites could not fit on the screen.


This gave rise to responsive web designs that allowed web pages to scale down and fit various screen sizes, making it easy to browse the internet and look for products and information. Ensuring that you have a responsive web design is one of the most crucial design tips for mobile websites as it improves user experience.


  1. Font Size


Although large font sizes are now a trend, most of them are not ideal for smaller screens. This makes it crucial to shrink them down to a smaller and more suitable size for mobile screens. Another vital tip is to use a font paragraph size of 18-20 for desktop sites and 16 for mobile websites. You can also consider scaling down the headers.


  1. Navigation Planning


The ideal navigation placement for mobile designs is to hide the menu near the top of the web site. Once you click it, a drop-down menu will either open from the side or fill the entire screen. This makes it a lot simpler for users to navigate to other pages of the site. This highly-effective design tip prevents websites from being cluttered with content, in turn, making them far more accessible.


  1. Size of the Buttons


The button size for mobile websites varies slightly. These buttons are typically links to call to actions on the page, which makes it easy for users can select the required options using their thumb. The buttons on mobile websites have to be larger to ensure that users can easily navigate it.


These are just some tips that can help you design a mobile-friendly website more effectively. For more information on creating compelling mobile website designs, call Web Design Just For You at (209) 622-0654, or fill in this Contact Us form, and we will get back to you shortly.

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