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Is It Time For Updating Your Website?  Is Your Website Doing You Justice?Frustration over your website?

In this day and age, competition is tough and technology is ever changing.  It may be well worth the extra investment to review your current website if you already have one, or time to see about getting a new one.

It is almost a must to be represented on the internet.  It is analogous to having your name and number in the yellow pages 20 years ago.  The public expects that any credible, stable, and professional business will have a website, and the more current, attractive, and professional it looks, the better for your small business.

Web Design Just For You now offers a free consultation service to review and analyze your website to see what you can do to improve and update your internet presence.  We will tell you what your website needs to bring it up to date in working condition.

Many small businesses attempt to cut corners by deciding to do it themselves.  There are companies selling templates that look so good, and they are (as an example) only $65!   What they don’t take into account, is that they may end up spending many, many hours attempting to modify that template to fit their business needs.  In addition, many require that you have software programs to allow you to edit those templates, software programs like Adobe Flash or Dreamweaver that cost hundreds!

And how much is your time worth?  As a website design company, we know what it takes to develop a working, attractive, and functional website…and it takes a lot of work and time.  As it is, our prices are very cheap when you are talking about the time spent in web development.

The problem with templates basically boils down to this.

Unless you are a technology savvy person, you are going to have trouble and frustration getting that template to look and function professionally and the way you’d like it to work.  You may just end up with a half working website up and running for months on end.  Then how much is your time and efforts worth?  Basically, it’s been wasted.

Web Design Just For You is well worth the investment

updating-your-web-1So don’t get frustrated!  Just call us for a consultation and see if we can help re-design, fix, or modify your website to work better for you!  We are very reasonable and well worth the investment!

As time speeds by, is your website keeping up?

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