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Our focus is to provide website and internet services to small businesses on an affordable budget. We want to be the Information Technology (IT) department to support all functions involving a company’s web, the hosting, SEO, and maintenance of their information, keeping it up to date at a minimal cost to our clients.

Our Dedicated Server

These services include website design with hosting on a dedicated server.  This means that your website programs resides on a computer used as an internet server that is owned by Web Design Just For You and is only used for Web Design Just For You’s client websites.

This dedicated server is handled by a company that specializes in providing the hardware support and maintenance to ensure that it is up and running more than 99% of the time.  Having them provide this service, allows Web Design Just For You to be free to concentrate on what it does best, building great websites to help you grow your business.

What does this mean?  By having your website on a dedicated server, only used for our clients means that your website is not having to share resources such as bandwidth, space and hardware devices with thousands of other websites.  It means that your site has a much higher ability to have a fast load time, which affects the user experience of your site.  It means that your security is ensured as Web Design Just For You has control of the entire computer, the security implemented, and all software on the server.

Why A Dedicated Server Is Important For You

Other web design companies often utilize accounts set up on hosting companies such as godaddy, bluehost, networksolutions, etc.  These large companies maximize their servers.  In other words, they will put as many accounts on a server as possible.  These accounts then share the hardware resources, causing a very common issue of slowing down of data access.  This ultimately leads to your website loading slower due to the wait time for data access.

In this scenario, no matter how “fast” your website should be based on the proper development of coding, your site will still not load as it should.

We monitor our server and in fact, are notified by the hardware support services of the company we utilize if there is any issue that needs to be addressed.  For example, if we are getting closer to having our storage used up, we can add additional hardware before it becomes a bottleneck.

Our Backup Services

We backup all accounts daily and maintain a weekly and monthly copy as well.  This enables us to restore a website should anything happen to it.  Some clients want to update their website themselves.

As we offer instruction and logins to those who wish it, sometimes, our clients may inadvertently do something that causes a webpage to disappear.  With our backups, we are able to restore the webpage easily (provided we are notified quickly).

Our Maintenance Services

Many web developers will design a website for a customer, but not provide timely and inexpensive support.

Web Design Just For You includes a website’s maintenance in its hosting service monthly fee.  We believe that keeping a website current, as it is a representation of your business, is very important.

Any content information such as contact info, staff bios, services, etc. that have changed will be updated to your website.  All you have to do is email the changes to us.  Normally, we are able to make the update within 12-24 hours.  Many organization websites such as clubs or churches send their monthly newsletters or calendar updates via email, and we update their websites as soon as possible.

This service makes it convenient, affordable, and easy for our clients to keep their website current.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

When we design your website, we automatically include SEO practices in the program code, etc.  We refer to these practices as “internal” SEO.

We offer SEO packages for “external” SEO as well.  These include practices that involve submission of your site to online directories, search engines, business listings, etc as well as social bookmarking, creating backlinks, etc.

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We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are friendly and knowledgeable and look forward to assisting you.


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