Services and Prices

We offer 1) different levels of service packages that include hosting and support, 2) a la carte website work to accommodate your needs, 3) print and graphic, and 4) SEO services to increase your search engine rankings.


For those of you that do not want to receive our combination support and hosting services from one of our hosting packages, we will do new website design, redesign, or modification to an existing website at the rate of $95 per hour with a minimum 4 hour non-refundable deposit of $380.00. Any unused hours stay on your account forever.  Call to discuss your specific needs and receive a free estimate.


Basic Quality Website Package and Prices

The Basic Quality Website Package consists of up to five pages. Our customized web design just for you includes graphics, images, and text. It will be an attractive, professional website which will portray your message, and most importantly, establish a unique web presence at a low cost. (Prices – $495 for website design plus $45/mo. hosting and maintenance.)

Premium Quality Website Package and Prices

Including up to ten pages, a slideshow in the banner if desired, and multimedia, this is a comprehensive website popular with professionals (doctors, dentists, etc.) or with the larger, more established small to medium business. It is also suitable for any type of business or career that requires more information to be published. To have a web designed just for you is to look and feel successful, enticing that future client to choose you. In addition, search engines love content, and the additional content and information aids in your search result rankings. ($745 for website design plus $55/mo. hosting and maintenance.)

services-and-prices-2Mobile Website Responsiveness Included

Ever try to surf the internet and find it difficult to read let alone load onto your smartphone? As the trend to use smartphones to surf the internet greatly increases, a mobile website becomes more and more important. Your website design needs its mobile website version. All our packages include mobile responsiveness.

Non-Hosted Websites and Prices

If you want your website to be hosted at your own server, I charge approximately from a range of $1,599 for a five page website to $2,199 for a ten page website with $95/hour support if desired.  This price is modified based on each individual client’s needs.

Add-Ons to the Website Design Packages

  • Pages beyond your package. ($75/page dependent on package.)
  • Shopping cart – $495 for setup & add’l $10/mo
  • Blog Section of the website ($75 setup & add’l $5/mo)
  • Major website modifications (cost dependent on amount of modification).
  • Logo Design ($475).  Digitizing of existing logo or creation of basic digital logo ($295).

Search Engine Optimization Services

Web Design Just For You is a website design company that incorporates the principles and methods for search engine optimization (SEO) from the first step in the web design. Keywords, content copy, headers, titles, description, meta tags, etc, are all implemented into your website design utilizing SEO methods. This service is included in all of Web Design Just For You’s website design packages and services.

After the web development is completed, your website is not only submitted to Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines, etc, but Web Design Just For You adds your website to multiple free online Web Directories.

Many companies charge anywhere from $500 to $8,000+ per month for SEO services, but we have created comprehensive SEO packages at very affordable prices for our small business clients.

Our websites are always designed with the proper SEO tags, headers, descriptions, etc. set up within the website code.  Once those internal code basics are in place for search engines to index, our SEO packages create and provide external SEO services such as:

  • listings on online directories,
  • social bookmarkings,
  • articles with submissions to article marketing websites,
  • local listing submissions,
  • search engine submissions,
  • videos and submissions of them to video marketing sites and promotion,
  • submissions to classified ads,
  • and other types of SEO,

all geared to raise your search result page ranking.

Our package prices start at $299 per month for three months at a time.

If you desire focused additional SEO services to be done for you, call and we will give you a free consultation and quote based on your particular market, goals, and budget.

Monthly Service Fees For Website Hosting and Support

The low monthly hosting and maintenance fee covers your hosting service, minor maintenance and updating of the website.  This service fee is based upon 2GB of space allocated to your website account.

Call us to discuss your personal needs and to receive your personal service unlike many other website design and hosting companies. We are detail-oriented perfectionists who will create that perfect website just for you!

Developing a Package Tailored to Your Needs

You may have a situation where you already have a website that you are not happy with or that you want to add features to. Your needs may not fit into the standard packages offered above. Web Design Just For You will work with you to develop and price a package specifically according to your needs. We believe that each customer is special, has special needs, and deserves special treatment.

Payment Programs

Web Design Just For You will work with you if you wish to arrange a payment program, just ask us.

Web Design Just For You – Serving nationwide cities with our main office in Modesto, Ca.

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With our main office in Modesto, CA, we have nationwide clients.

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Our Commitment

We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are friendly and knowledgeable and look forward to assisting you.


"The excellent customer service our clients receive is what sets us apart from our competitors.  You will not be able to find better products and services at our prices."


Eileen Forte, Owner and Web Designer
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