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representing-you1Good website design is all about representing your business

Not only is an attractive website appealing, but if done well, a website designer such as Web Design Just For You (that has personnel with special in-depth entrepreneurial marketing experience) can help you create your special business “identity”.  We can help you identify and focus your business persona that sets you apart from other businesses similar to yours.  Representing your business is what a website is all about.

There are many websites on the internet that do nothing but give a bad impression of the business or organization that it represents.  Face it, people are influenced by attractiveness whether it’s people, houses, clothes, or websites!

Our Website Design Gives Substance and Credibility

Many web design companies just throw up a website for you without the thought and creative marketing ideas that we invest in a website design specifically tailored for you.  Our websites look professional and suited for your needs and type of business, and our web designer always creates websites that are appealing and attractive.

Why not?  It’s always better to be attractive than unattractive!  Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we work together to make sure that the end product website satisfies both the standards of our client and our website design company.

A professional, appealing website which provides pertinent and relevant information about its business contributes greatly in establishing credibility.  People automatically tend to believe that the business is established and substantial.  The website does not look like a “do-it-yourself” freebie job.  It looks as if the business took time and resources to have a professional website created.  It portrays the idea that this business is an established business that will stand behind its products and treat you like a valued customer!

A Professional Website Adds Prestige

In the same way that an attractive, professional website adds credibility and substance to your business, it adds prestige.  For example, many people subconsciously feel that a business that has a very professional website is a “better” business than one that does not.

This is much like the idea that a doctor that has better bedside manner is a better “doctor” than one who does not.  This may or may not be true, but that’s what our hearts feels when we speak with the doctor with the great bedside manner.  We feel, “This is a great doctor.”

The same psychological pattern holds true for a business with a great website versus one that only has its name in the yellow pages directory.  It’s human nature.  That’s why Web Design Just For You believes that your website design, image, and content plays an important part in drawing clients and customers.

A Well Designed Website Can Improve Or Focus Your Image

Web Design Just For You helps you, as our client, identify and focus the image you want to have for your area of business.

Who are the target customers you are looking for?  Are you the Rolex watch of the clothing industry, i.e., an exclusive boutique wanting wealthy patrons?  Or are you the discount house wanting customers who wants to save a dollar by purchasing floor items?

Your website should make it easy for your target audience to identify you as a business they are interested in dealing with.  As already discussed in the previous section, a website design can improve your reputation and image in its respected area.  It is an extension of you and your business.

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