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To evolve and move forward, we must change. That is a basic rule of nature that we can apply to business. Today we want to talk about making changes to your website. This is a necessary step that you cannot go without. However, the always-present question is whether it is better to update your existing website or build a new one from scratch. When it comes to redesigning vs. rebuilding a website, there are multiple factors we have to take a look at.

What is redesigning?

Let us think about the process of building a website. Whenever you decide to build one, you can only use the techniques and technologies of your time. As time goes by, web design technology changes and websites made a few years ago are becoming obsolete to the newest trends. Even though your website is functioning correctly and with good results, older web design trends should be retired.

If you don’t do this, you will start to see a decline in the success of your website. Redesigning a website means giving it a new, fresh look. It would be best if you used the latest trends to modernize your website and provide an improved experience to your customers.

What is rebuilding?

Before you start building a website, you usually have a strategy in mind. For example, your marketing goal was to open an eCommerce website and advertise your product with the intent to obtain a high percentage of the conversion rate. That strategy has been working well for some time. However, due to the technology becoming more advanced, your strategy is not giving positive results, and you see a decline in the conversion rate.

Re-designing a website is not the optimal solution. Even if you change the exterior look of the website to make it more modernized, the core functionality of the website is still the same. In order to improve your conversion rate, you need to build a website from scratch with a different strategy in mind.

When to redesign and when to rebuild a website?

Even though it might look like both options are viable solutions for any situation, this is not the case. These changes come with many benefits but also potentially negative consequences. It is crucial to apply the right strategy.

When it comes to redesigning your website, it is best to do it if:

  • you compare your website with competitor websites, and it does not look good;
  • your website is not mobile-friendly;
  • if you notice a drop in the conversion rates and sales, and the new leads are not coming in;
  • Google ranking is significantly dropping;
  • navigating the website and adding content is becoming more difficult over time;

A declining graph

Redesigning your website is necessary if you notice a drop in website performance.

On another note, you should only rebuild a website if:

  • it was built on old technologies that are outdated;
  • if the website cannot support the growing requirements of your marketing strategy;
  • the purpose and main core of the website do not align with your business goals anymore;
  • you are making a change in how you do business;
  • when making a significant change in your marketing strategy;

Benefits of redesigning a website

When you give a fresh, new look to your website, that needs to come with a purpose. For example, your goal is to communicate brand values to your customers in more efficient ways. By redesigning your website in that direction, your customers will understand the brand better, which will improve customer communication.

Also, a redesign will show everyone that you are keeping up with the latest design trends. Your website is evolving, which means that your business is evolving as well. You care about the appearance of your website.

An illustration of a person having second thoughts about giving a rating to a website.

One of the goals of redesigning vs. rebuilding a website is to provide a better user experience to your customers.


With this approach, you will also manage to retain visitors and customers through better usability of your website. By modernizing it, you are simplifying the user experience while increasing the functionality of the website.

An important part of redesigning a website is putting colors to better use. Think about your niche, and what message you are trying to convey. The power of color psychology in web design is huge, and it can impact users’ decisions.

Furthermore, a successful redesign of a website will also put your products and services in focus. Once you remove the unnecessary elements that are stealing your customers’ attention, they will be able to focus on the most important parts of your website.

Finally, with every redesign, you are using a new marketing approach, social media integration, efficient SEO plugins, and much more. All of this will affect your reach and provide more customers.

Benefits of a website rebuild

We can say that all of the benefits of redesigning a website can apply to rebuilding a website. You are making a positive change. Redesigning a website is also a part of rebuilding because you are changing the design at the same time while giving it a different purpose.

Rebuilding a website always comes with an improved user experience. If you are making the change to align the purpose of the website to the purpose of your business, that will make a positive impact on your customers.

Furthermore, if you are using new technologies to rebuild a website, it will also load much faster. Older approaches took more time.

A laptop showing binary code

If you decide to rebuild a website, you can use advanced web design technologies that will make the new website more efficient.

Redesigning vs. rebuilding a website – explained

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between redesigning vs. rebuilding a website, now you know. Make sure to always pick the right strategy that aligns with your business needs. Remember that these changes might come with a drop in website ratings, but that is just a part of the process. Always make sure that your SEO is on the level. Furthermore, set clear goals before you make any changes to your website. If you are unsure how to do it properly, it is best to engage a professional company. This is a good approach because it allows your business to continue running while they make changes to the website.

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