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We provide articles for our readers to increase their knowledge of different aspects of website design, web development, and website marketing for small businesses. If a reader wishes more information on any topic, they may email a request to, and a new article addressing their area of interest will be written and posted as soon as possible. Thank you!


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Computers In This Day And Age – Enter The Networld

Website to Brand and Represent Your Business

Growing Your Business

Marketing For Clients

Updating Your Web


Web Design Choices

Effect of Colors (Psychology of Color for Marketing & Advertising)

Indepth Discussion On Color in Design of Website

Blog or No Blog

Flash or No Flash

Making Decisions

“Working Your Web” – Maximizing Your Website to Gain A Customer Base

Utilizing Your Email Subscription Feed

Pass the Info On – Informing Your Customers With Industry Related Information

Mobile Website Design

QR Codes

Search Rankings (Search Engine Optimization or SEO)

Call to Action and Your Conversion Rate