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Why You Should Hire A Professional Web Designer

Web Designer - Web Design Just For YouI love what I do.  It’s more than just “web design.”

It’s meeting people with focus and dreams for improving their businesses which I believe are extensions of themselves.

It’s doing my part to help others in their quest for success.

I’ve decided to start this blog because I have opinions that I’d like to share.

This morning, I went to google search and typed in “Web Design Just For You.”  I’m sure many people type themselves or their businesses in to see what’s out there.  And I’m no different.

Well, my google business places profile popped up on the right side with my website.  Some of my webpages appeared in the organic search result list on the left, just under the google Ads.

As I scrolled down just a little bit, I see an article titled, “Why You Should NOT hire A Website Designer in 2019.”

The thrust of this article and most of the articles I quickly perused on this site are targeted to start-up online businesses.  The author believes that an entrepreneur should do their website BY THEMSELVES to save the money. He points out the many do-it-yourself website builders such as Wix or Weebly.  He gives referrals to online store hosting companies where you “do-it-yourself.”

The author’s premise is that good web design only works if your business works, and therefore, you need to make sure your business can make money before you spend any money on a custom website design.  I disagree.

He also assumes that you will be paying thousands for a custom web design.  He quotes $3,000 as an example.

This author’s website has lots of “expert” articles although there is no “about us” webpage.  There are no reasons provided to show why the opinions of this author are “expert.”  No background, no substance of experience or education is provided.

I have a suspicion that all his articles are geared to have visitors to his website click on his links to these do-it-yourself website builders because he is an affiliate marketer.

In other words, he might very well be making money from every person he refers to them!

My position as a web designer differs from his.

My opinion has been formed by the hundreds of businesses that I have created websites for.  Through this, I have created relationships with their owners as my website design business is based on an ongoing support formula.

I have clients that have stayed with me as their internet website support person for years.  I have had the opportunity to see how their businesses grow, what they do, and provided help with their online branding, etc.

I believe that businesses must have a well-done website that portrays a branding of the company’s image.  It should be well-organized for easy navigation.   It needs to provide pertinent information to the visitors of the website.  Websites need to fulfill the business’ purpose for having the website.

And it needs to be done simultaneously, not after, with a business’ startup.  It increases the odds of success.

If a business wants to maximize its growth, a good website is required from the start.  Hiring a web designer is a far better choice than spending 40 hours minimum “doing it yourself.”  Let the experts do what they do, while you focus on what you do best, your business.

Although, it is true that many web design companies charge thousands, it is also true that you can find a professional web designer that is very affordable and well worth the few hundred dollars upfront to have a custom website built.

That’s me, my business, Web Design Just For You.  We can build any website as well as other website design companies for far less than some charge.

Recently, a new client of mine gave me an estimate by a competitor that they had received for a new website.  They wanted $12,000 to $18,000 for a website I knew would not have anything more than I could create.  In fact, the client is very pleased with the website I created for them, at far less the cost.

So, if you’re looking for a professional, custom website, call 209.622.0654.  You can check out actual websites created here.  Don’t believe it when you are told that you should NOT hire a web designer.  A professional website is well worth the cost at my rates and with the great service provided! Do it the right way.  Do it now, hire a professional web designer now!


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