Graphic Design Mistakes for Website Design

Ready to launch your own website? First, let’s talk about the things you should avoid!


According to a business insurer at Rapid Biz, “It takes only 0.05 seconds for visitors to form an opinion about your website. Therefore, you should ensure that the colours, texts, fonts, structure, symmetry, spacing, and other factors are working together to convince visitors to stay.”


1.Poor Kerning


Kerning is the process of putting sufficient space around proportional fonts to achieve a visually-appealing result.


Some fonts require more space around them to appear clean and balanced, making them easy to read. Letters positioned too close to each other may appear cramped or sloppy. Placing too much space around them can make them look as though they’re “floating”. The only time you can take the off-kilter approach is when it’s intentionally part of the design.


2.Not Thinking of “Mobile First”


In 2018, Google announced that they’ve decided to use the mobile-first indexing in their ranking systems. This is only logical, considering the 5.135 billion mobile internet users around the globe reported that year.


If your website is still set for desktop only, it will not be able to show the most critical content on a smaller screen. Make sure to adjust your website on how your audience consumes the internet.



3.Lacking Whitespace

Graphic Design Mistakes in Web Designing

Another graphic design mistake to avoid this 2021 is not having enough whitespace. Non-designers often think that whitespace is a waste of space and will try to fill it with various elements.


No, it’s not. The whitespace is part of the aesthetics because it makes the website look clutter-free, comprehensible, and highlights each design element (fonts, colours, images, patters, texture, etc.)



4.Using Flat Vector Images Too Much


Almost 20 years ago, flat vector images soared in popularity and became the life-saver of organizations and individuals. Numerous stock services started selling such images, catering to almost any industry that you can think of.


However, flat vector images lack depth, texture, and distinctiveness, which makes them obsolete for modern taste. If you use these images, the audience might find your website obsolete and unprofessional.



5.Not Designing for Your Target Market

Many clients, non-designers, and newbies believe that designing for the target market is straightforward. But it is actually the most complicated part as you have to study their psychology while integrating current trends.

Set aside your personal preferences and built content from the interest of digital consumers. This type of content is proven to earn more engagements and conversions, which are tracked by indexing bots.


What to Do Now?

Professional graphic designing is a blend of art and science.  When incorporated into your business, it can help you build a brand identity with the strength to convert sales effortlessly. Because humans respond better to visual data than any other sort of data, hiring a professional graphic designer is profitable in any industry.


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