Kickstart Your Career Options with These 11 Resources

Maintaining your career trajectory may be impossible given the new normal for employment. Many roles are going remote, countless companies are closing entirely, and eCommerce is now a way of life. But there is hope whether you want to start a new business or simply find a remote job that fits your skill set.

If you’re setting up an online business, Web Design Just for You can help. Otherwise, these resources can help you reach your professional goals, even if they don’t include business ownership.

Take Advantage of Small Business Perks

Now might be an excellent time to start a small business. A combination of financial support and plenty of consumers wanting to shop online, launching a company could be a great choice.

  • Look into financial help for companies – including programs that offer startup funds.
  • Choose an organizational model that allows you to continue working remotely into the future.
  • Develop a solid business plan to ensure your brand gets off the ground.
  • Prioritize small business web design to charm online customers and enhance your profits.

Make Work-at-Home Your New Normal

If launching a company isn’t in the cards, finding remote work could be. Consider these resources to find and excel in a from-home job.

  • Work on learning niche-specific skills to enhance your odds of landing a selective job.
  • Pursue an advanced degree to enhance your resume and round out your business abilities.
  • Focus on networking – connecting with professionals in your desired niche can help expand your reach.
  • Study up so you can ace your next virtual selection process and interview.

Use Veteran Programs for Support

Many special opportunities and programs are available to veterans looking for work. Explore these options when seeking employment.

  • Investigate whether you qualify for specific veterans’ benefits to help make ends meet.
  • Check out hiring opportunities exclusively for veterans (including remote roles).
  • Explore openings with the Department of Veterans Affairs, which hires veterans

Since the days of walking into a business and asking for an application are long gone, professionals need to change up their approach when seeking employment. Whether you want to start an independent venture or are hoping to get hired on at a big company, these resources can help you find your way.

For a stellar website, great SEO, or even beautiful business cards, connect with Web Design Just for You!

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​Author:  Courtney Rosenfeld

Courtney started gigspark.biz to be a resource and the first step for people who are looking to join the gig economy, either to supplement their income or as a way to fulfill their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.


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