The Pros And Cons Of DIY Websites

Building an online presence was a trend to reach out to potential clients—more so when people were prohibited from shopping in physical stores. Most buyers scan social media and websites to check if a company meets their needs before buying. Thus, in just a few clicks, your sale is determined by how well you’ve established your online presence.

So the question common among entrepreneurs and business people is: Should I build a website by myself or hire a professional? 

“If your business generates sales online by 60% or more of your income, a professionally-built website is a must. It’s wiser to invest in something that could grow as the business expands.” notes public liability insurance provider Lucy Phillips of Rapid Biz.

Here’s a breakdown of the PROS and CONS of DIY websites to help you decide.

Pros Of A DIY Website

  • DIY Websites promote a non-techie experience with the drag-and-drop features without any cost.
  • Even without any help, you can build your website according to your taste.
  • DIY websites can be published and edited immediately. In contrast, professionally-made ones take weeks to months.
  • There are thousands of elements to choose from and plenty of templates that you can customise.
  • Hosting is provided but with fees on a domain (like a mailing address).
  • Many DIY website plans come with basic SEO and analytics.

Cons Of A DIY Website

  • Free plans usually have ads that may appear unprofessional to visitors, especially if unrelated to the services.
  • Indirect costs such as upgrades, edits, graphic designs, SEO, security, etc., may add up to a comparable price with a professional web designer.
  • It may be hard for your website to stand out since thousands of other companies use the same templates, themes, and elements.
  • Customisation is very limited to the offered templates.
  • Providers offer limited analytics and SEO which is vital to a growing company.
  • Many DIY websites have unreliable hosting, which causes slow loading time. It takes only 5-6 seconds for a buyer to wait; otherwise, they’re done with your company.

Would You Say YES To DIY Websites?—or Nah?

Two women looking at a website on laptop

With the rise of web builders, it has become challenging to decide whether to outsource a professional or do it yourself. Utterly appealing drag-and-drop templates and themes in Wix are too good to miss. So why waste the chance of creating your website on your terms and time, with less fee? The answer, though, isn’t as simple as it sounds.

While it’s true that web builders offer an easy and inexpensive web design, the result may still be below your expectations. After reading about the Pros and Cons of DIY Website, is it worth the money to have a professional do it?  Maybe if you can find an affordable web designer that gives great service such as Web Design Just For You!

Why Settle For Less When You Can Have The Best?

Your website tells everything about your business. If buyers feel secure and have a user-friendly experience while browsing your site, they’ll become buyers or clients. It would be best to have it professionally done—it’s an investment worth taking and ROI generating.

Web Design Just for You offers web building and design, hosting, support, SEO, custom website packages (hosted or non-hosted), QR codes, mobile pages, shopping carts, print and graphics. Check our portfolio that showcases a collection of satisfied clients and see the professional difference.

We believe that you are more than a website. Contact us, and let’s create a home for your business.



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