Unsure about how your software functions? 

Software updates, also known as “Service Packs” or “Patches” are pieces of software released by software makers to address a variety of issues like security vulnerabilities in some of their existing products. Most updates often contain product enhancements and bug fixes. 

In most cases, “update software” reminders come at the most inopportune times and sometimes take time to download and complete the update, which is why most people defer them to a later time – until something unwanted happens. 

Have you received an ‘Update Software reminder of late? Did you postpone the download? If you did, for how long, exactly, do you intend to keep it pending? Why do you think it is necessary to do so – despite knowing that it can be quite bothersome?

Below are good reasons why you should consider downloading every software update as soon as it is made available. 


Software Updates Reduce Vulnerabilities 

The security updates in a software update are probably the main reason why you should consider keeping your software current. As technology continues to become more exposed to the internet, the enterprise databases that hold all of your products’ details are increasingly getting exposed to a variety of security threats. It is, therefore, essential that you don’t neglect any crucial software updates. 

Experts from Sydney Detox and Rehab say that keeping their clientele on a safe and secure network is critical. “Working in an industry that still has a sense of taboo about it, if names were leaked then it would be detrimental to the clients as well as our business. Our centre needs to be seen as a safe space, both online and offline. A data breach is something we couldn’t afford, so ensuring our software is hacker-proof was critical.

Using an outdated or unpatched computer can be compared to living in a home with no locks on its doors – which is every intruder’s dream. When you ignore vital updates, you leave your computer exposed to infections and intrusions. Cybercriminals rely on the user apathy when it comes to updates to keep their spiteful endeavours running.


Updates Help Fix Crashes and Bugs 

Bugs, problems, crashes, and other minor or major issues are fixed when a software maker creates a new and updated version of a program. If these programs are not updated, do not expect the problems you encounter to go away. Every software has its characteristic flaws, with some having more than others. Nevertheless, they still have room for improvement. 

For Australian-based removal business owner Zena Fares, the website simply can’t afford to crash because it means losing out on potential clients. “People come to our website to find information about us or to book in a service. Without it, that’s a lot of money that clients will be taking elsewhere. A website that crashes is one of the biggest hindrances for any business, which is why investing in strong software isn’t a business expense that can be overlooked any longer.” 

As manufacturers uncover security bugs and flaws, address compatibility issues, or make minor enhancements to their programs, they release updates. When you update your software, you end up with the latest, bug-free version of the software.


Updates Guarantee Compatibility with Other Up-to-Date Technologies 

When a piece of software is not updated, it becomes like a dinosaur living in the modern, technological age. Do you want to remain stuck in the age of using typewriters while everyone else has advanced to computerisation in the palm of their hand? Well, if you don’t want this, then consider upgrading your software, so it becomes compatible with other up-to-date systems. 

Busy business owner Samuel Northfield of Northern Rivers Demolitions explains “Once I upgraded my internal software system the new and improved usability as well as the additional features have made my customer management streamlined and efficient. I’m saving thousands on labour costs as well ensuring I give better customer service”.

Do not insist on using Pentiums while everyone else is in the Core generation. You simply would not connect with people on an eye-to-eye level.


Updates Allow You to Innovate and Stay Ahead of Competition

If you aren’t guilty of any of the above-stated reasons, then simply be the forerunner – be the person who’s swifter, more efficient, more technologically-adept. Today’s tech-savvy clients and consumers want to work/deal with the most modern and advanced systems available. 

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