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Using Professional Business Email

In our changing business environment, more and more people prefer to use email to communicate with you.  Almost 75% would rather send a message via email instead of calling.  Therefore, in representing your business, it is far more professional to use an email such as instead of yourbusinessname@gmail, or worse, using your personal email.

For example, or adds significantly more to a business branding and credibility compared to a personal email such as or even

Benefits of using a business email are:

  1. Your business email will match your domain name for your website and makes it much easier for people to remember. It will help drive people to your website.
  2. It is another avenue for advertising while building the branding of your company.
  3. Your company is a serious one, not a fly by night business that may disappear in the near future.
  4. Email marketing campaigns are legitimized.

How to get a business email?

There are many places to purchase business email.  Business emails do not have to be purchased at the same company where your domain is purchased.

For example, Web Design Just For You is registered at through Web Design Just For You’s dedicated server account.  However, although Web Design Just For You has the capability of creating its own hosted email, ie., through its dedicated server’s cpanel, we purchased our business emails at google suites for a few dollars a month.

The reason we have decided to utilize google suites is the great support and large amount of storage space provided for the relatively small expense of purchasing the business email. The email is also much less likely to be blacklisted, which is a great benefit considering the time and difficulty encountered to “unblacklist” your email.

We highly recommend our clients to purchase a business email either through google suites,, or other larger professional email sellers.  Even when our clients have their domains registered through us at Web Design Just For You, they can purchase a professional email anywhere.



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